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WZ40-28 tractor backhoe loader with YUCHAI engine and telescopic boom

Short Description:

With hydraulic control front bucket and rear excavator, YUCHAI brand engine, luxury cabin with heater and fan, adjustable seat, adjustable dashboard, LED lamp, big screen reverse camera, warning light. Cabin could be tilted easy to maintenance.

Optional: DF CUMMINS 75KW engine, telescopic boom, fork, 4in1 bucket, snow blade etc.

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Product Description

FORLOAD brand backhoe wheel loader, also named TLB in South Africa and India, and in other regions named tractor backhoe loader or tractor loader backhoe.

FORLOAD backhoe can also be called a REAR ACTOR or BACK ACTOR, its main purpose of is to pull dirt backward. This machine is often confused to be an Excavator but a Backhoe is merely a piece of excavating equipment.

A Backhoe is constructed with a digger bucket on the end of a two-piece articulated arm. The arm is made up of the “dipper” and the “boom”and will usally be fixed to the back of a Tractor (also known as a Front Loader). When the bucket is attached to the back is can be called a Backhoe Loader.

FORLOAD brand backhoe wheel loader is much smaller than large excavator, and excavators are normally driven on tracks whereas it is usual for a Backhoe to be driven on wheels.

Also FORLOAD brand mini backhoe wheel loader is most commonly used in farming and industrial scenarios, could finish most works of excavator and wheel loader.

Specification list:

Overall Operating Weight 7000KG
Overall size L*W*H 7800×2100×3200mm
Front Bucket Capacity 1.3m3
Front Loading Lifting Capacity 2800KG
Front bucket Dumping Height 3600mm
Front bucket Dumping Distance 1062mm
Backhoe CapacityWidth 0.35m3(620mm)
Backhoe Max. Digging Depth 4100mm
Engine Model YUCHAI 4105 Turbo
Rated Power 85KW
Torque Converter Model YJ280
Tire Size 16/70-24

Reserve the right to change the parameters and design without prior notice.

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