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160HP bulldozer and 220HP hydraulic bulldozer with rear ripper

Short Description:

HD16 and HD22 model hydraulic transmission bulldozers have the features of high technology, advanced design, strong power and high efficiency, etc. It can adapt to more harsh working environment and is convenient for maintenance and repair.

It is mainly applied to the push, excavation, backfilling earthwork and other bulk materials operations of roads, railways, mines, airports, etc. It is an indispensable mechanical equipment for national defense engineering, mine construction, urban and rural road construction and water conservancy construction.

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A bulldozer is often found in large construction sites. It’s basically a crawler (continuous tracked tractor) with a blade for pushing rubble, sand, and soil, among others. It was first popularized in the 1920s and maintain its popularity as a construction site machinery because of its many uses.

Bulldozers are among the heaviest and most durable equipment used in construction. They are also useful in other sites such as factories, farms, quarries, military bases, and mines.

FORLOAD brand bulldozer adopting Europe III emission standards, the bulldozer is equipped with an air to air inter-cooling electrical control engine, featuring strong power and low oil consumption;

And equipped with a hydrostatic torque converter with locking function, the bulldozer features excellent driving efficiency, which is beneficial in various working conditions;

The brake system uses a normally closed type, braking after the engine stops for high safety;

The working device uses pilot controls for excellent sensitivity and performance, making it easy to operate;

The bulldozer is equipped with a low noise cab with ROPS/FOPS, which meets international safety standard, has excellent sealing performance, and indoor noise reaching international advanced levels;

Large structural key parts are reinforced in design, improving reliability;

Suspension travel system allows the bulldozer to function on various complicated road conditions, using effective vibration damping to improve overall comfort and reliability of the chassis;

Equipped with large, colorful display screen; bulldozer can monitor itself.

Main specification and quotation:





160HP Standard Hydraulic Crawler Type

220HP Standard Hydraulic Crawler Type


Weichai WD10G178E25



9.726 L

14.01 L

Rated power



Operating weight


23.5 Ton

Dimension (no ripper)

5140×3388×3032 mm

5460×3725×3395 mm

Ground pressure

0.067 Mpa

0.077 Mpa

Track gauge

1880 mm

2000 mm

Dozing capacity

4.55 m³

6.4 m³

Blade width

3390 mm

3725 mm

Blade height

1150 mm

1317 mm

Max drop below ground

540 mm

540 mm

Track shoe width

510 mm

560 mm


203.2 mm

216 mm

Quantity of track link



Quantity of Carrier rollers



Quantity of Track rollers

128 Double+4 Single


Max pressure

14 Mpa

14 Mpa


213 L/min

262 L/min

Max tractor force

146 KN

202 KN

Reserve the right to change the parameters and design without prior notice.

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