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sugar cane make machines of mini wheel loader with sugarcane bucket

Sugar cane havester machines including sugarcane cutter, sugarcane wheel loader, tractor even sugarcane juicer.

Today we will talk about FORLOAD brand sugarcane wheel loader, which is built on normal mini wheel loader frame but use large special sugar cane bucket, could let farmer load as more as sugarcane and materials one time.

This type sugarcane wheel loader or we call it sugarcane handler or carrier, equip with YUNNEI big power engine, big converter force and four wheels use tractor pattern tire of 23.5-26 size.

FORLOAD brand sugarcane wheel loader mostly use at Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, and Brazil, Mexico even at the USA, so different climate but it used air conditioner, in order to reduce farmer labour time, adopt hydraulic joystick control, install adjustable seat, reverse camera etc.

If you are searching this type sugarcane harvester machines please contact with FORLOAD company. And also we could provide normal mini wheel loader, electric wheel loader, backhoe wheel loader, TLB, tractor loader, telescopic wheel loader 4WD forklift, electric forklift, motor grader, bulldozer, concrete mixer etc. machines.





Post time: Dec-10-2021