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3ton telescopic wheel loader with YUCHAI engine in Kazakhstan market

From our overseas agent feedback that FORLOAD brand T3000 model telescopic wheel loader sold well and get high reputation among of wide end-users.

In past 2021, we exported more than 20units T3000 telescopic wheel loader and T2500 telescopic wheel loader to same agent, help him expand local market, especially in their farmers and construction projects.

3tons telescopic wheel loader we name it T3000, equip with YUCHAI 85KW engine and is built on durable articulated frame, use 17.5-25 size tire, also equip with heater, reverse camera and suspension seat to enhance driver’s comfortable. This type telescopic wheel loader could reach nearly 6300mm and could lift grains, sand, wood etc. materials.

Mini telescopic wheel loader could use as forklift after change to use forks through quick hitch, certainly in some regions also could use snow blade, snow blower, 4in1 bucket, wood grab etc. attachments to finish all kinds of works.

In the world, some famous brand construction maker including CASE, MAINTOU, JCB or Caterpillare, they mainly produce side type telescopic forklift, or teleshandler, less companies to produce base on wheel loader, but FORLOAD company could do.

Now FORLOAD COMPANY telescopic wheel loader already covers T1500 telescopic wheel loader (1.5tons mini telescopic wheel loader), T2000 telescopic loader (2tons small telescopic wheel loader), T2500 telescopic forklift (2.5tons telehandler), T3000 telescopic wheel loader (3000kgs mini telescopic forklift loader), T3500 telescopic loader (3.5tons telescopic loader) and T4000 model 4tons telescopic wheel loader.




Post time: Jan-27-2022