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3.5tons diesel forklift, 4WD all rough terrain forklift with YUNNEI engine delivery

2021 Christmas Holiday is coming, FORLOAD company in here wish all of our friend MERRY CHRISTMAS ! In past 2021, global economic surfferred serious affect, especially raw material cost increase, container shipping cost increase sharply and till now still keep increasing. Any way all of us hope in 2022 the situation could get better than 2021.

Recently and before the end of 2021, FORLOAD company finished loading container of 2units diesel forklift, which is 3.5tons capacity with 4×4 all rough terrain type forklift. Equip with YUNNEI engine and 280 model torque converter. Besides with forks, our customer also request with bucket which will be used in special farm and lifting light materials.

Now more and more 4WD all rough terrain diesel forklifts need in almost market, because of its good off road performance, high grade clearance and big lifting capacity. Same time, this type off-road diesel forklift could use different attachments, including snow bucket, wood grab, telescopic boom gib, tilting bucket and so on, widely suitable for all kinds of working sites.

FORLOAD brand 4×4 off road diesel forklift, range from 3tons to 6tons, could install two stage mast and triplex mast, the lifting height from 3m standard to 7m, and also with big blower wind heater, suspension adjustable seat, reverse camera, all LED lamp etc. to promote driver’s comfortable.

FORLOAD company always customized including special configurations and different colors on 4WD forklift.

If you are searching this type diesel forklift, or other type earthing moving machines, please contact with FORLOAD company, we could provide: mini wheel loader, electric wheel loader, used wheel loader, TLB, backhoe loader, telescopic wheel loader, electric forklift, battery forklift, concrete mixer, bulldozer, motor grader and mini excavator.




Post time: Dec-24-2021