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Backhoe wheel loader, mini tractor loader backhoe, new cheap TLB ready for sale

FORLOAD brand backhoe loader, also named TLB or tractor loader backhoe, tractor backhoe loader, which has a bucket at the front and a backhoe at the rear. Most use two large wheels at the rear of the chassis to power the equipment, and two smaller wheels at the front to steer. A principal advantage of the machine is its ability to be driven moderate distances between job sites.

Most FORLOAD backhoe wheel loader models have a “center-pivot” design, meaning that the backhoe mechanism pivots on the machine centerline. A few models have a “side-shift” design, meaning that the backhoe can move across the rear of the machine to gain a more advantageous digging position, such as excavating next to foundations. Some models also can be equipped with an attachment coupler, more frequently at the front than at the rear, allowing the machine to use various work tools.

Now, FORLOAD have five models backhoe wheel loader, which equip with different models engine: Yunnei engine, XinChai engine, WeiChai engine, CUMMINS engine etc. too meet EUROPEN EURO3 or EURO5 emission standard, also meet Canada EPA4 request.

Backhoe wheel loader have big market in South Africa, India and South-East Asia. Mini backhoe loader and small tractor backhoe loader much used in all various of road construction site, road pavement projects etc.
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FORLOAD company could provide the following machines to you: wheel loader, backhoe wheel loader, telescopic wheel loader, tractor loader, mini excavator, diesel forklift, gasoline forklift, LPG and CNG forklift, electric forklift, lithium battery, motor grader, bulldozer, electric mini truck, self-loading concrete mixer, 4WD rough terrain forklift etc. machines.



Post time: Nov-11-2021