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4WD rough terrain diesel forklift 3tons and 3.5tons forklift with XinChai or Yanmar engine

Normal diesel forklift or gasoline forklift, even electric forklift, could finish some work at simple road, warehouse, factory or food warehouse. But if outdoor works need forklift, must request this forklift have rough terrain ability and should be 4WD will be better. So FORLOAD brand 4WD rough terrain diesel forklifts are coming and suitable for these type work sites and conditions.

FORLOAD brand 4WD diesel forklift is suitable for rough terrain condition, equip with different brand engine, including XinChai, Yanmar, Isuzu, Nissan engine and Yunnei engine, WeiChai engine or CUMMINS engine, meet EURO3, EURO5 and EPA4 emission standard. FORLOAD 4WD rough terrain forklifts tire could be solid tire or penumatic tire of different size.

In order to meet different working condition request, FORLOAD small 4WD forklift could equip different attachments: bucket, steel grab, paper clamp, soft clamp, telescopic crane, grass grab and wood grab and so on. Considering driver’s comfortable, FORLOAD forklift equips with heater, reverse camera, suspension adjustable seat, adjustable dashboard etc. and air conditioner is optional.

Now FORLOAD 4WD rough terrain forklift cover five models according to different lifting capacity: T30A model 3tons diesel forklift, T35A 3.5tons diesel forklift, T40A 4tons diesel forklift, T50A 5tons diesel forklift and T60A 6tons diesel forklift, the lifting height from 3m to 7m and with two stage mast or triplex stage mast.

In Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippins, Kazakhstan, Russia, Peru, Algeria, Mexico etc. countries, more and more 4WD rough terrain type diesel forklift are used in transportation and construction industries. 

FORLOAD company always supply the best quality of wheel loader, mini wheel loader, electric wheel loader, backhoe wheel loader, TLB, telescopic wheel loader to customers, also provide diesel forklift, gasoline forklift, battery forklift, lithium battery stacker forklift, crawler mini excavator, motor grader, bulldozer and self-loading concrete mixer to customers.



Post time: Nov-27-2021