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3.5ton 4WD forklift and 5tons all rough terrain 4WD forklift with CUMMINS engine delivery

Four wheel drive forklift, in some regions call this type forklift is 4×4 forklift truck or rough terrain forklift. This compact forklifts with four-wheel drive system, powered by Yanmar engine, or Kubota engine also sometimes equip with CUMMINS engine, this type 4×4 diesel forklift provide both the power and maneuverability to traverse through the toughest of terrain. This is the reason they are world-renowned for their superior performance, economy and longevity.

FORLOAD brand rough terrain forklift including 2WD type and 4WD type according to different users’ request, rough terrain forklifts are among the largest of the forklift family, FORLOAD brand equipment was designed to be driven over uneven and rocky surface, while still transporting a heavy load. Due to size, tires and weight capacity, these FORLAOD 4×4 diesel forklifts are primarily used outdoors.

FORLOAD four wheel diesel forklift also could install closed cabin, which with heater or air conditioner. And regarding mast, standard forklift mast is two stage with 3m lifting height, but FORLOAD brand 4WD all terrain diesel forklift could use three stage 3m lifting or 4.5m or 6m lifting height, to finish high position working requirement.

FORLOAD brand 4×4 forklifts have other advance compared with other forklift, we could provide OEM or ODM service, and paint any color what customers request.

Contact a forklift expert online or by phone to get a quote on a new or used forklift from FORLOAD company, we will supply high quality with compare price all rough terrain forklift to you from 3tons to 6tons lifting capacity.




Post time: Jan-25-2022